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Current Events #9

I watched this video and it kind of scares me!  I mean, students in general scare me with their knowledge of technology these days, but you mean to tell me that perhaps kindergarteners will soon be telling me how to work things!?  Or they should be able to?!  Also I (a little bit) don’t understand it.  There’s one of those colourful xylophones on the iPad for the child to play with….  I used to have one of those!  How is having it digitally better than having it in person?  Don’t you lose a bit of those motor skills you develop in learning how to play it?  I guess you develop different motor skills with the iPad.  SHOULD children under two have more iPad/technology time?!

iPad Babies



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Current Events #8

I recently made a glog about Remembrance Day, so this current event hit home a little bit.  Is any way of ‘remembering’ on Remembrance Day a good one, or is the younger generation not being respectful enough?

Tweeting our way to Nov. 11th


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Current Events #7

Sees an unlikely combination, I’ll give you that.  However, Shakespeare is horribly out of date.  And please don’t misinterpret that, because I do love Shakespeare immensely, and am one of those people who will read it just for fun.  In fact, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to become a high school English teacher in the first place – to instill a love of Shakespeare into students….  unfortunately it’s not as easy as it seems.  Maybe technology is the new way?  Seems a bit blasphemous to me :s

Technology and Shakespeare

And here are a few more resources:

Teaching Shakespeare with Technology

What if everyone had cell phones?

Shakespeare, English Class and Technology


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Current Events #6

Yay for Canada being on top of the technological curve this time around!  Is this new ‘virtual newsstand’ app going to change the way more people read, and spread digital literacy farther?  I can’t see it changing the way I read – I still prefer print text, but I can see it becoming popular with busy professionals….  especially those that commute long distances to work.  Will this new app bring changes to libraries?

Canadian app maker gains from the ‘big shift’ in publishing

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Current Events #5

I actually found a few things that I wanted to share this week, and then I came across this article on the online Saskatoon Star Phoenix.  Guess that means I can use the other articles I found in other current events.

I don’t really know what to say about this article.  It saddens me and sickens me to the core.  To think that this could possibly be a high-school aged boy, and that this boy could potentially be in a school that we teach at….  I just can’t imagine.  Don’t know what to say.  It could even be as young as elementary school!  How on earth would one deal wtih this?  Even if the page was not run by a child in our school, there could be students participating in it….

Facebook refuses to shut rape page run by schoolboy

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Current Events #4

Mal Booth talks about ‘dangerous ideas for libraries’ and Web 3.0 – what were your experiences with reading this slideshare?  It’s not my typical method or style or reading, and I found it kind of difficult (because it’s not just ‘traditional’ text) and some things in it threw me off!  Primarily the different colours on certain letters – do they mean something?!  If they do, I don’t get what they mean!  If they don’t mean anything, then why do it?!?!  Ahhhhh!  🙂  Anyways, enjoy:

Dangerous Ideas for Libraries

(PS – I found it easer to ‘scroll’ through the presentation than use the up/down arrows….  sometimes the slide was larger than the screen, and if you use the up/down arrows then you miss part of the slide.)


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Current Events #3

This post is somewhat similar to the first current events post I made, although not entirely.  Just recently in Saskatoon, all of the Blockbusters here went out of business (and sold ALL of their stock, and I’m very sad I missed out on that!!)  Seems Netflix has finally made enough of a mark on movie rentals from stores that Blockbuster could not stay open anymore.  Is it possible that this may happen to libraries too?  I fervently hope not as well….




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